Prep Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Prep Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself:

Be A Method Man (Or Woman) This Holiday Season

Often times we hear talk of surviving the holidays, as if it’s a time of year we aren’t expecting to be out of routine, more chaotic, and filled with more decadent choices. We know in advance there will be more parties, more gatherings, more of EVERYTHING. We don’t need survival tips or detoxes after. What we need is to give this time of year some thought and some methods.

Rest assured that if you have been focused on your health all year long, you can’t undo all of your hard work at one party. But, if you spend every day between Thanksgiving and New Years consistently going off of your usual eating habits or your training - that’s what will add up to holiday weight gain.

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Remember - one day didn’t create your results and one day can’t undo all of your results.  The key to success with your nutrition and avoiding holiday gains is to give as much thought to the days you know will be hectic as you do to planning the days that are perfect - prep yourself before you wreck yourself!

Here are five simple tips to fight for your right to party while maintaining your health and your sanity:

  1. Offer to host and/or help prepare food for the party - this is the simplest method because it puts you in control of what kind of food is available.

  2. Be picky - do a quick scan of the food available when you first arrive at the party and fill your plate with the best options (vegetables and hummus, shrimp cocktail, lean proteins) and save a small space for the decadent foods you really want.

  3. Eat slowly - there are a number of benefits to slowing down how quickly you eat, including better digestion, better hydration, easier weight maintenance, and greater satisfaction with the food you eat.

  4. Avoid excess alcohol. - remember that liquid calories really add up! Enjoy a glass with your friends, but as with everything you take in this holiday season, moderation is key.

  5. Emphasize the connections you are making, not the food - after all, THIS is precisely what the best part of the holidays truly is. Focus your energy on being present in every moment of your conversation with friends and loved ones rather than shoveling the entire platter of cookies in your face.

Enjoy your holidays and be good to your body in the process.

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