Putting Habits on Autopilot

“She’s so motivated, I wish I had some of her drive…I wish I had his willpower...” ever caught yourself saying phrases like that?  Chances are good that person you’re speaking of has the same level of motivation, drive, and willpower as you do. 

The big difference? They aren’t relying on motivation or willpower to act; they’re just really good at creating habits they can stick with.  They aren’t living in the moment and trying to rely on feeling motivated or inspired, they’re just changing their motivation.

Habits take effort and patience, but according to James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, putting in place the habits that will help you find your success is as simple as making bad habits hard to do and making good habits automatic - so you can do them without thinking about it. 

Learning to put good habits on autopilot can and should be simple: 

  • add 5 minutes of reading or meditation to your nightly bedtime routine

  • reduce your screen time and distractions by utilizing an app that turns that functionality off your phone for a set amount of time each day

  • use a smaller plate to help control your portion sizes

  • add calendar notifications to call that person you want to improve your relationship with  

Focusing on your daily habits can sounds boring, but boring (consistent, really) gets you where you want to be. Taking the time to set up these habits and get them on autopilot frees you up for taking on challenges, adventures, and more of what you WANT to do and be.

Jenny Wright